Childlike Faith - an Original Tune by Troy Brenningmeyer

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*100% of the Sales of This Lesson for The Rest of 2011 will be donated to
Phil Leadbetter - at the "Uncle Phil Fund"

Phil Leadbetter is a great Reso Player, and here's his recent story:

Recently, Phil was diagnosed with Classic Hodgkins Lymphoma. While everyone has high hopes for a full recovery, the surgeries, testing, and treatments are physically debilitating, and are also unbelievably expensive. To compound his problems, Phil has no health insurance and will no doubt be unable to work regularly for sometime. In other words, he can really use our help. Throughout his life, Phil has always been the first to pitch in and help a friend or cause in need. While he hasn’t asked for the first penny, he’s so deserving and that’s why some of his friends started this website as a way to help the cause and give all of Phil’s friends and fans a place where they can donate online. No donation is too small because every little bit helps. You can donate securely through Paypal. Simply go to the donation page and give what you can. It will be so very much appreciated and all proceeds go directly to Phil and his family. Thanks in advance and please continue to pray for Phil, his family and a complete recovery.


Thanks guys!


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