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Resosummit 2014 - the follow up

Congratulations to Rob Ickes, Betty Wheeler, and the entire staff for another excellent Resosummit. I came away with a ton of new ideas and things to practice.

Some general thoughts:
- Nashville is undergoing a huge transformation. There were new buildings going up everywhere. The Gulch (where the Station Inn is located) seems to be almost fully built out and populated. The rest of the city seems to be going through a lot of changes.
- It was cold, much colder than previous times. I wish I had packed a few more warm clothes. It actually snowed on my last day there.
- Two of my favorite classes were the David Lindley class with Mike Witcher (imagine 20 dobros playing the solo from "These Days" simultaneously - what a great sound!) and Billy Cardine's Jazz Standards class. I love it when I don't play anything in the class and still get so much out of it.

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Rob Ickes & Trey Hensley CD Coming in January 2015

I saw an article on Cybergrass this morning, Rob Ickes and young singer/guitarist Trey Hensley will be releasing a CD in January. Some of us (or maybe most of us) have Blue Highway's latest CD where Trey contributes a lead vocal on one of the tracks, and Rob and Trey have been performing occasionally as a duo.

Read all about it:

Rob and Jerry on NPR weekend Edition Saturday

For you early birds, I just saw Rob's post about it on Facebook, not sure what time but be sure to tune in.

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