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time signature question

Hey friends - question for someone with a better understanding of written music than I have (I can write tab and check it with my software's "score checker," and that's about the extent of it).

I'm finally tabbing out "Here this Morning" so I have it available for ResoSummit. I'm running into an issue with measures. I think of the tune as being in 4/4, but when I write it out, a lot of the held notes anticipate the beat and fall right before a new measure should occur. My software doesn't facilitate showing that notes are held into the next measure, and it seems awkward and not quite accurate to put a "dividing line" in those spots. So what I'm looking at now is accurate tab, except that the measures all have twice as many notes as they should.

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Rockygrass? Rayco built the 1st place prize. Blue Highway. The Earls of Leicester. Gospel Chrome.

Whos going to Rockygrass? I will be there simply hanging out for the weekend.  Rayco built the first prize guitar for the dobro contest this yearImage.

Excited to see The Earls of Leicester. i didnt know anything about that project till earlier toady . and the Gospel Chrome set with Jerry and Rob. gonna be a good weekend .  If you see me there come be sure to say hi, and expect to pick a couple.

A Future Picker? Music in Families - a query

So, three things inspired this little forum post -1) the joy of seeing the Booth clan play in Anchroage last week (Greg on pedal steel, Dan on guitar, Mandy on bass, and Dan and Mandy's signifcnat others on fiddle and drums), and 2) the post Greg just put up re: Mike Auldridge tribute and 3) this picture attached.

Finn Pickin

The other day, I was playing in the living room. My son Finn who is 21 months old grabbed a spare finger pick (sure it is losely hanging on this finger), grabbed his toy banjo and started trying to imitate me. Also last night at band practice, Finn grabbed his new harmonica and walked in the room and started blowing on it joining the fun with giggles between each blow on the harp. He also loves to count songs to start - "one, two, one two free."

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