Chad Graves

Rockygrass? Rayco built the 1st place prize. Blue Highway. The Earls of Leicester. Gospel Chrome.

Whos going to Rockygrass? I will be there simply hanging out for the weekend.  Rayco built the first prize guitar for the dobro contest this yearImage.

Excited to see The Earls of Leicester. i didnt know anything about that project till earlier toady . and the Gospel Chrome set with Jerry and Rob. gonna be a good weekend .  If you see me there come be sure to say hi, and expect to pick a couple.


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Chad Graves and The Hillbenders

Well, hate to admit it but I had never heard Chad Graves play no less the Hillbenders, but yesterday at IBMA my head came up out of the sand and I was exposed to The Hillbenders!!!  First of all Chad is about as cool as they get but for those of you like I was GO SEE HIM somewhere and see if your not blown away with his playing!!! As clean and fast of a picker as they come and always moving from one side of stage to the other. Puts a new meaning in the word "Stage Presence"!!! The entire group are awesome singers and players alike!!!  After first song I noticed my wife on her I phone on Hillbenders website and found out they were none the less the winners of Teleuride a couple years ago and deserving as well.

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