Jerry Douglas tour of Nashville via

An interesting tour of Nashville hosted by Jerry Douglas. I've eaten at Hog Heaven when I was out there for Resosummit, but I didn't have the white barbecue sauce.

fishman PU uneven in my tut taylor

I recently installed the Fishman in my Tut Taylor. The result was not as balanced as I expected it to be. I had it done by Gryphon stringed instruments in Palo Alto

who's staff has done quite a few Reso's so I dont think there was anything better I could have done to make sure it was done correctly. The problem is in the balance

in levels between the mid strings and the high .. the mids are way louder than the treble strings. Is this a common problem and if so is there a way to fix it other than selling

the rig for another?

Getting a lesson from Mike Witcher

So I'll be in Nashville next week with the family and I'm gonna sneak away for a lesson with Mike Witcher........I know.........lucky me.  I was wondering.  You guys that have gotten lessons before, how do you prepare for these things?  Do you come up with a list of questions?  Try to determine where you need help?  Or do you just go in there and play and a good teacher like Mike can identify what you need?  I have some ideas about what I would like help with, but there may be other things that I don't even know I need help with.  Obviously, I want to learn as much as possible and not be a star-struck idiot.  How does everybody else prepare?

Thanks for the ResoSummit!

I just got back to my computer from a wonderful long weekend at ResoSummit.  This was about as much fun as I could stand to have with a resonator guitar.  There were too many highlights to mention, a great experience all the way around.  Public thanks to Rob Ickes, Dwight and Betty and all the people who taught and attended these workshops and concerts.

I'll be posting pictures later on when I return to San Francisco.

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