Bryan Clark (reso), Xiaohui Ma (erhu) - Orientale

3:07 minutes (4.29 MB)

Here's a track from our record that will be released in February.  definitely not Bluegrass this time around.Laughing  Playing my Maple Meredith - used to be Andy Halls. made in '06.



Resosummit 2014 - the follow up

Congratulations to Rob Ickes, Betty Wheeler, and the entire staff for another excellent Resosummit. I came away with a ton of new ideas and things to practice.

Some general thoughts:
- Nashville is undergoing a huge transformation. There were new buildings going up everywhere. The Gulch (where the Station Inn is located) seems to be almost fully built out and populated. The rest of the city seems to be going through a lot of changes.
- It was cold, much colder than previous times. I wish I had packed a few more warm clothes. It actually snowed on my last day there.
- Two of my favorite classes were the David Lindley class with Mike Witcher (imagine 20 dobros playing the solo from "These Days" simultaneously - what a great sound!) and Billy Cardine's Jazz Standards class. I love it when I don't play anything in the class and still get so much out of it.

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Jerry Douglas tour of Nashville via

An interesting tour of Nashville hosted by Jerry Douglas. I've eaten at Hog Heaven when I was out there for Resosummit, but I didn't have the white barbecue sauce.

fishman PU uneven in my tut taylor

I recently installed the Fishman in my Tut Taylor. The result was not as balanced as I expected it to be. I had it done by Gryphon stringed instruments in Palo Alto

who's staff has done quite a few Reso's so I dont think there was anything better I could have done to make sure it was done correctly. The problem is in the balance

in levels between the mid strings and the high .. the mids are way louder than the treble strings. Is this a common problem and if so is there a way to fix it other than selling

the rig for another?

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