Rob Ickes Plugged In: Canadian Country Music Awards

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A video was posted on Resoguit of Rob Ickes playing with Paul Brandt on "I'll Fly Away" during the Canadian Country Music Awards. We rarely see Rob plugged in, and at some point he was on board with the Schertler Basik, but he has apparently imbibed the kool-aid, and has installed the Fishman Nashville pickup. Difficult to tell which guitar he was using due to the distance of the camera shots, but I suspected that it could be an Ickehorn, aka Wechter/Scheerhorn Rob Ickes Signature model, because the Chinese-born cousin of his two rosewood/spruce Scheerhorns looks the same, from a distance of course.

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1999 Scheerhorn L-body at Elderly

Looks like Elderly Instruments recently got an L-body in on consignment:

$5,500 asking price seems a good bit lower than what I last recall seeing on these. 


PRICE $ 6000  - was 6500 but I see now euro is too strong, and now it's not fair the price of 6500. So I update the price.

MAPLE SCHEERHORN R Body, Exactly the same that Sally Van Meter and Justin Moses has, for their recording and playing. This one has been made like new when I met Tim 2 years ago at Resosummit. Some quick pics I took time ago you can see them here : . I can do a better ones if interested, anyway this instruments was made in 1992, so for sure there are some signs here and there, it's not new.


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Billy Cardine -- Six String Swing

I'd been thinking about this for a while and it came together earlier this year (2012).  The sessions really couldn't have been any more enjoyable.  It was a pleasure to spend time working on this with Grant Gordy on guitar (Dave Grisman Quintet), Josh Pinkham on tenor guitar and mandolin (Frank Vignola Band), and the Page Brothers from WNC...Andy on guitar (director of Jazz @ App State) and Zack on Bass as well as a few special guests.   

So, the name "Six String Swing".  Yes, I talked with Mike about it  ;-)  Mike was my first teacher and certainly one of the main reasons that I love the dobro and continue to play it to this day.  The Eight String Swing record got wore out at my house, and since I grew up playing jazz piano, I always wanted to put together some music like this.  

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