HillBenders win the Telluride 2009 Band Contest

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Theres actually three parts to this. and is just round one. keep and eye out for the final round videos. The Rayco sure was soundin good for me!!

The HillBenders With Chad Graves and Special Guest Robin Daivs at Norm's River Roadhouse in Nashville


Norm's River Roadhouse

05/15/2009 9:00pm
05/16/2009 1:00am

Hey yall im headed back to Nashville, this time playing with the Hillbenders out of Springfield MO. they play some very good origional bluegrass. come check them out. Youtube HillBenders if you want to see what your getting into.


I will have the Rayco with me. Come check it out as well. Ill even let you test slide it when we aint playin!!!Image

Dobro Domination SPBGMA 2008

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A video of a awesome fun jam at SPBGMA 08 with Me, Caeland Garner, Matt Leadbetter, Todd Livingston, and Leah Needham. I wish there was more footage i stood in that same place for like 4 hours. at one point we had at least 3 other resos in the group. all killer players.

Todd, Matt and I are all playing Rayco. Leah has a Mike A beard and Caeland has a horn im pretty sure.

heres a few pics from that jam too.--> Dobro Domination Photos

Midnight Flight

The group i now play with in missouri. check them out.




i put some sound clips on the myspace page. very rough samples of the new album we are working on.

also we will be in oak grove louisiana this weekend. be sure to check out the schedule and come see us.


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