Harlow on Ebay

There's a mahagony/spruce Harlow on ebay.  Opening bid $1550. Built in 04 or earlier.   http://tinyurl.com/dg6hpv  He notes that it has a "green popper soundring"  I'm assuming that means it has a soundwell.  I guess you'd just want to email the seller for a serial number and then give Frank Harlow a call for all the particulars.

Check out web site!!!!

Check out sound and photos and video of Harlow and the cound of band.

Harlow Comparisons

How would they compare and be honest you won't hurt my feelings. I have never played a horn or a Wechter horn. I specifically am wondering the comparson to a Wechter Sheerhorn Ickes model , but I will entertain any comparisons. I feel that what I have is great, but my wife is layed - off and I am considering selling and buying an Ickes horn. Give your best advice.





Harlow Resophonic Guitars

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