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The latest reso lesson by Ivan Rosenberg is up @ Guitar Sessions.

Stringduster Madness

I'm currently @ the South Carolina coast and have been catching up with picking friends over the past few days. I've noticed there is one topic that has come up amongst them all - The Stringdusters.

In a jam last night, I heard over half of the tunes off their Fork In The Road debut. Although some have been hip to the 'Dusters since 2004, they've only become mainstream since their freshman Sugar Hill release in February.

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Gimme A Break

Got a list of breaks that you'd like to dissect?

Let us help you!
'Gimme A Break!' is a new monthly (or more) column dedicated to deciphering and shedding light on reso breaks/fills submitted by reso-nation members.

Submit the artist, title and an the approximate location within a tune where the break or fill is located and we'll tab it out and provide a video clip of the break (assuming we can find the tune).

Send all submissions to breaks

ResoNation 2.0

ResoNation has now expanded it's user interface to provide better access to broader content. The new structure will offer formalized news, reviews, tablature, audio/video instruction and guest editorial contributions. Thanks to everyone for being here and helping create the 'Nation.

Please forgive the trendiness of the title...


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