For those of you with a Beard MA6......

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Stringnut's picture you realize how lucky you are? After playing reso for the last 6 years but living in a reso wasteland, I finally got my hands on a Beard MA6 for the first time. What an incredible instrument! Up until now I've only played Goldtones and Wechter/Scheerhorns besides my Redline (which I still love dearly). But playing that MA6 put me in hog heaven for a short while yesterday and I got a taste of how Mike Auldridge must have felt every time he sat down to play. I could hardly contain myself when I played that first lick. The power of these instruments is very intimidating but I couldn't put it down until I played everything I could think of for about an hour. I wish it was mine. On my way home I thought it might diminish playing my Redline but when I picked it up and played, I believe it actually enhanced my love for my guitar. I'm lucky to have it. So, if you have an MA6 or 8 in your stash, you should consider yourself very lucky in my humble opinion to have that kind of inspiration at your finger tips.


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