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Playing Minor Chords (Without Slants Or Bends)

(The original version of this Reso-Nation post from 3 years ago no longer shows its chord tablature with proper alignment in RN3, so I've reformatted and reposted it here.)


Many resoists mistakenly believe that except for a few special cases it's generally not possible to play Minor chords on a G-tuned reso without using slants and/or string bends, however a Minor chord requires only three scale notes (1, b3 & 5) so there's actually MANY positions where complete Minor chords can be played simply by combining open and barred notes.  By using these positions it's possible to play many songs containing Minors without needing to play only a partial chord and rely on other instruments to fill in the missing notes.

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NEW Reso-Nation instructional material coming soon !

Hi Reso-Nation buddies,

For various reasons, I'm discontinuing my monthly article at Guitar Sessions--thanks for all of the positive feedback about my lessons over the last year and a half. I've recommended a couple of great Dobro teachers as potential replacements, but I don't know who they'll hire.

I've been envisioning a different kind of online instructional format, and Brad Harper and I have been discussing a cool idea: I'm going to continue creating lesson plans here on Reso-Nation! I haven't settled on the details, but each lesson will probably include a written explanation of a concept with Tab, audio, and maybe video someday. I'll be coming up with new topics, and also improving and expanding on the content I wrote for Guitar Sessions with new exercises, tunes, and techniques in modern and traditional bluegrass and new acoustic styles. Ultimately, I want to provide a large variety of coherent, systematic,  high-quality instructional material that's always available on Reso-Nation. Once this section starts filling up, you'll have something to work on any time you're looking for a new technique, tune, or musical concept. This forum will be free for subscribers of Reso-Nation.  I'm looking forward to being creative about this, and I'll do my best to provide some interesting and worthwhile material. Look for new lessons to start around October. Until then, happy Dobro pickin!



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