Phil Leadbetter Master Class @ Joe Val Festival

Uncle Phil Leadbetter will be at the Joe Val Bluegrass Festival (Boston area) February 18-19. He'll play The Whites Saturday night, and on Friday he's offering a 4-hour master class. Contact Phil directly at (or on FaceBook) for more information and to register.

SOLD -- Mike Auldridge DVD/BV-1 Lesson

Topics covered: Tuning, picks, steel bar types, picking techniques, bar control, bar & palm blocking, forward & reverse rolls, music theory, chord construction and location, scale patterns, playing in different keys, minor keys, playing fast tunes w/ HO & PO, sliding harmonics.

Like new condition. 

90 minutes.    PayPal, check, MO.

SOLD -- Jerry Douglas Dobro Techniques VHS

Consider this the cheapest lesson your ever going to have and with Jerry Douglas no less. He covers proper right and left hand positions, pull-offs, hammer-ons, right hand rolls, forward and reverse rolls, banjo rolls, string pulls, picking sequences, how to string rolls together and much more. For most mortals all of this will take a life time.

VHS is in excellent condition. $12.50 + $3.50 shipping.

PayPal, check, mo.

Essential Techniques for Dobro by Rob Ickes DVD

Rob Ickes covers everything from fine-tuning the strings to achieving good tone, timing and control. You'll learn correct hand positions for fast and clean playing, forward and reverse right hand rolls, a little basic music theory and good bar technique, and much more. Tab booklet included. Excellent condition. $35 + $4.00 shipping.

PayPal preferred but check or mo okay.

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