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ResoNation Member: 

 I first became fascinated with resonator guitars when I was18 years old, about the same time I started repairing stringed instruments.
   The job market dried up just about the time I was fresh out of school with degrees in Aviation Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering. Supported by family and friends, my musical career was launched as a teacher, stringed instrument technician and performer.
   As a road musician I became dissatisfied with the quality of available resonator guitars and focused my skills on design and construction of a next generation instrument, a guitar that would take advantage of new technologies and techniques while honoring the tradition of the Dopyera family.
   The first Beard resonator guitar was delivered to a customer in 1985. I’m pleased that the company has continued to innovate since that first guitar was delivered. Here are a few milestones of which I am particularly proud:

  •    Open soundwell construction designed in 1986
  •    The first “R” body, derived from Mike Auldridge’s pre-war Regal, 1987
  •    The Josh Graves model delivered in 1992
  •    The open body E model delivered in 2000
  •    Beard spun cones shipped in 2003
  •    The Mike Auldridge signature guitar delivered in 2004
  •    Custom coverplates designed in 2004

   Today Beard Guitars, LLC hand crafts fourteen square neck and round neck models. My guitars are enjoyed by fans, serious amateurs and touring professionals. I’ve been honored that players like Mike Auldridge, LeRoy Mack , Tim Graves and many other friends choose Beard guitars to play.


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