I like this Nati-Horn-its no DeNeve, but it's got its good qualities...


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Guilty on all counts. Macaroni shaped bars...

Really.  :-(

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Check out this Nati-horn.  A special edition out of National.  Interesting to see them deviate from the stock Nati-horn.





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I used to think Linda Ericson in Seattle had the best sounding Scheerhorn I'd ever heard or played. I've begged her to sell me that guitar. It's an early 90's Regal body. I don't think that any more.


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I'm not sure if it works for non-Facebookers to see the photos in the link Tom (bozabus) posted, so here they are. 20 year aged cedar over roasted figured maple back and sides. I'm not clear on what "roasted" means - is it National's term for "flamed," or was the wood torrefied (baked in an oven) which is all the rage now with acoustic guitar builders? is this a Roast'horn? Whatever it is, it sure is a beauty. 

It states on The National Reso-Phonic Facebook page that it is for sale at Artisan but I couldn't find hide nor hair of it on the Artisan website. 


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