Koa Harper for sale at Smokey Mtn Gtrs

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Dobro made by our Benevolent Dictator.  Ad at Smokey Mtn Guitars says it's #14 of 24 total, supposedly owned by Andy Hall.  http://www.smokymountainguitars.com/shop/resonator-guitars.html?start=0  


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Yup - that was Andy's - herringbone purfling on top and sides. I played that quitar once. I like the price. Hope they get it. Love my Koa Harper.

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I got to see that one brand new when I picked up my A013.  Beautiful guitar with killer tone.  Are Andy's licks included in the price? Wink



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If its even close to yours Dave , Its got to be really special.

What an awesome guitar !


Ben Wooten

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Same here Michael, I like the price;~).  Love my Harper Koa too!


Keep on pickin'



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I'm headed up that way next week. I think I'll try this thing out.

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Let us know how it rings Kodiak.

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I just played it. I'm in love. I think I'm going to put my MA6 on the chopping block and see what I can scrounge up. I want this thing bad. I've played a lot of good guitars, four or five l bodies, fishook's, Meredith's, beard etc and this thing blows them all out of the water. My girlfriend who isn't much of a music person walked into the store and said it was an incredible sound. Ill try to post a little video I took later.

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Quite the endorsement! Looking foward to the video.


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Here's a quick and dirty iPhone video my girlfriend took while I was noodling around on it. I thought she had filmed longer but she only got 45 seconds of my worst playing. The guitar has amazing punch, bass and it also has that certain zing, I'd describe it as a fuzzy twinkling sound. I'm not sure how else to describe it but it's the kind that you feel in the pit of your stomach. It's as close to the sound I hear in my head as any guitar I've ever played has gotten. I'm really torn on whether to try and sell my Beard or Fishook or maybe my motorcycle to try and get it. GAS sucks sometimes.

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I know the feeling, my Koa Harper #9 has that 'special' sound and almost plays itself.  I say buy it!

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