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Check out the video at Bluegrass Today of Mike playing at Sore Fingers!


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nice video! I love Mike's playing, he sounds great. The video looks like it was shot with a DSLR, really nice quality! 


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Mike is one of those guys that every time you hear/see him play, he's better than the last time.  His tone and tastefulness is at the top of the game.  

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Great tune...really nice.

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Man, that was outstanding! And as pointed out by Rob, the video quality was really nice. With my headphones on and watching on my newish Samsung HD monitor it felt like i was right there.

Mike really has "the touch."  Laura Carrivick on the fiddle - she doesn't come around too often these days on the Jerry Douglas Forum, but she's also a fine dobro player. Goes by "lebedagirl" there but really she's now Rayco Girl.   And Grant Gordy - great guitar player. He has been playing with David Grisman, saw them last year - his playing in this video is just barely scratching the surface.  

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That was really cool.  Thanks for posting, Doug.  Gotta love that curly Koa Clinesmith.  That's one beautiful looking and sounding guitar.

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Badger was on a thread on Steel Guitar Forum this morning having to do with miking a reso and there was some Aura talk. Badger, are you reading this?

He posted about playing an Aura equpped reso recently and it sounded good plugged in but he was "underwhelmed" in playing the guitar unplugged. This of course has been second only to Scheerhorn threads in controversy around here - the idea that the Fishman Nashville pickup insert diminishes the tone of one's guitar when played acoustically. Yet unless he's changed back recently - and i doubt it - Mike has the Fishman pickup in that Koa 'smith with the Schoonover spider. It sure sounds good to me as well. And I plan on seeing Mike with Pete Rowan on the 28th of the month in nearby Petaluma.

Two Resosummits ago, late October 2010 Mike's guitar sounded great in person unplugged. There was the "Decoding Jerry Douglas" class Mike was teaching when to everyone's surprise, in walks Jerry with case in hand containing Beard JD model #1 and proclaiming "I heard I'm being deconstructed in here!".  When Jerry took out the guitar and demonstrated some techniques, I don't remember thinking: "gee - at $7500 a pop, his guitar just sounds okay." From where i was sitting, about 15 feet away - it sounded great! And it of course has the Fishman Nashville pickup in it.

I don't buy the classic kneejerk "Jerry could pull a beat up Rogue resonator out of a dumpster and make it sound great."  If Mike and Jerry thought their tone was suffering in a pair of high end guitars, they wouldn't just accept it and move on as a "necessary evil" for live plugged-in work.  It isn't just the mastery of these guys and that they somehow are able to pull great tone out of their guitars even though in an acoustic sense they are "handicapped' by having the Fishman insert in there.  Any one of us here can play a slower, simpler tune and get pretty good tone, I'm not talking about machine gun speed bluegrass. 

So what gives?



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With my R/S 'horn, the Fishman bridge made the guitar sound worse.  Not bad, just not as good as it sounded without it.  Could I have stood the guitar with it in there?  Yes.  But, I had the option of using the Fishman bridge in a guitar that wasn't getting any use - I tried it and was happy with that solution for plugging in.  And now the 'horn is as good as it can be.  It's also guitar-dependent.  With the James that now has the Fishman pickup, I think the acoustic tone is better than it was.  Jerry's guitar was probably designed from the outset for the Fishman pickup...I don't know what tweaks that would entail, but I know a lot of effort went in to design those guitars.  And I agree, Mike is picky about tone and I doubt he would compromise:  his guitar may sound better to him with pickup than it does without.

But there's a reason I only pick 'em and don't work on 'em...



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That's a great video. I like how it lets the viewer get right in the circle and experience it up close and personal.

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Thanks for posting the video.  Toneful playing by all!



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