New 'horncone install

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Got a hold of a 'horncone from Elderly and put it in the other day. Piece of cake for the most part. These cones have an incredible amount of "spring" to them. When I put it in and tightened down the coverplate, the strings wouldn't clear the bottom of the handrest strap on either side. I had to put all the strings on very delicately and tighten them to tension to get clearance. Now it's fine.

Sound change over the q'man in a walnut DeNeve? Pretty significant increase in volume (like I need to be louder...ack!) as well a generally overall brighter, crisper tone all around. The bass is especially thunderous.

Pretty cool how dobros make such great noise from what is basically a a couple of beer cans, huh?

Buy one? I'd do it again.



Tab Tabscott


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I know this will stir up some trouble (just for fun), but there is nothng like a Horn Cone or a Horn guitar period.  I love scheerhorn anything.  Steels and Capos included. 

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No trouble here.

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No trouble here either. Just fitted a new Horn cone myself. Use the chrome steel and a Flux capo.

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I have never replaced a cone, but I was advised when removing the cover for clenning cone  to loosen the cover hold down screws to give a little more clearance, then tighten adfter strings were up to tension. Seemed to work very well.

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Yep, the only time that it really affects anything (for me) is when replacing cones and whatnot. I NEVER take all the strings off at once unless this is happening. My Jones hasn't had all the strings off at once in probably 15 years. There's dust in there from the Jurassic period...

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Tab.. are you going to put a scheerhorn cone in your Jones? Ive thinking of putting one in mine,,, I did it on my maple appalachian and really liked the result.. hope all is well in the great northwest,, music sceen in St louis seems to get better each year!

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Junior Barber set it up a long time ago and I like the sound so much I'm not going to do anything to it until it needs it. When it does need a new cone I probably will put a horncone in it. But not an Aura. Did you put an Aura in your'n?

I hear its back and forth on the wx in St Louis. Trying to get back there this summer, if so, let's pick some.

Put a Sheerhorne cone in my Rayco, birds eye maple reso.  Love the sound.


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