Fishook at Elderly

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Maybe Santa left you some money or you've just recently been to the Gold and Silver pawnshop in Las Vegas to sell your favorite item.  Christmas does not have to be over for you!  Elderly has a large body 2011 Fishook in Brazilian Rosewood for $4500.  It's on consignment so I don't know how much room there is to negotiate or how motivated the seller is but it is worth a look or for you Michigan boys maybe a pick or two.


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Yep, saw this a couple of weeks ago.  No rings, wonder why that is?



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This guitar was shipped October 24 , 2011 to a very happy customer . I was surprised to see it up for consignment.  I imagine the rings were out of it to ship and for whatever reason were not placed back in for the photos . For what its worth ,..this Brazilian is a monster sound machine and a beautiful build . 


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That looks like the pictures of the one that "stayed in Ohio".  Is it the same one, JD?

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Your right Dean ,..




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I have made a study of your guitars, JD Wink.  Especially the Brazillians, they are all unique as is your artestry on each one.  You definetely put a lot of thought into the design of your fine instruments.



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