Rob Ickes workshop in G'boro, NC

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I had a little unplanned surgery  Thursday due to a close and scary encounter with a sheetrock knife with a brand new blade. Peeled my knuckle back on my right index and sliced deeply into the last joint of my right middle finger. Just missed the tendons. Since I was planning to attend the Rob Ickes workshop Saturday afternoon in G'boro I asked the docs to use super glue instead of stitches, hoping that by Saturday the bleeding would be stopped and I'd be able to bend them a little. I unwrapped them at the workshop and put some regular bandaids on them, but I was pretty much useless as a Dobro player (in other words, no significant change from normal). Unfortunately by doing this I kind of opened them up again, so I best take it easy until they are truly scabbed over.

However, The workshop was amazing, with only five students in a small space. Also, Jim Hurst was giving a guitar workshop, and after two hours we all got together for a mini concert with them and about eight of us. Pretty special. I was able to record a lot of the workshop with my 20 year old Sony Microcassette recorder. The sound quality is pretty good but my tapes were too short to get the whole thing. I just have to convert it all to digital and break it down into lessons. 

This was an amazing opportunity to sit 3 feet from an wonderful artist for three hours. Rob was a great teacher, very low key and non threatening who treated us with great respect. He packed in a lot of theory, technique, and some gentle suggestions for all of us. The group was small enough that we all had individual attention. There were some other citizens of Resonation in attendence as well. This was definitely an inspiring day, and as soon as I can start practicing again I'm going to the woodshed.



Dan I hope your fingers are healing nicely.  You covered the experience pretty well I think.  

Dan sat on one side and I sat on the other.  It's hard to describe just how exciting it was even for an old guy like me.  Rob really is a wonderful teacher (I hope I can remember 1/10th of it).  His style was very cordial.  He really made an effort to make sure that you understood what he was explaining.  He even tried Dan's bolt-capo.  Said he liked the sound and it did sound nice and solid.  Much better than my floating capo.  

I was also excited to finally see and hear Scheerhorns, Harpers and Tut Taylors.  I was amazed.  Rob even had the RI model Wechter and that blew me away too.  He also had picks (including the Blue Chip), straps, bars, CDs, DVDs etc for sale.  Yes it was like being a "Kid in a Candy Store"?

Not bad at all for my first ever dobro lesson.  I highly recommend it if you ever have the opportunity.

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