ResoSummit 2008 update

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Just a quick note to report on ResoSummit 2008 (Nov. 13-16 in Nashville):

As promised, we gave a "first call" registration opportunity to people on ResoSummit's and Rob's email lists. This went out Thurday night (or, for you right coast types, very early Friday), and we reached the registration cap in less than 24 hours. I am still processing the last group of registration surveys to fill the last slots and begin the waiting list, so if you sent in a survey and don't have a confirmation back, you are in that group; some of you will be confirmed, and some of you will get a waiting list notice (sorry!).

This year's faculty includes: Rob Ickes, Mike Auldridge (2 days), Jery Douglas (special guest, tentative), Michael Witcher, Andy Hall, Cindy Cashdollar (tentative), Sally Van Meter, Phil Leadbetter (2 days), Jimmy Heffernan, and Tim Graves (1 day, featuring special workshops on Josh Graves-style playing); plus luthiers Paul Beard and Tim Scheerhorn. Blue Highway is confirmed for one of the evening peformances at the Station Inn, with the other 3 bands TBA. For information on signing up for the waiting list, go to:



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:shock: :shock: :shock: W O A H :shock: :shock: :shock: Boy am I ever glad I signed up when I did!!!!!!


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