Updated 6-29-19 Photo added: Harlow Resonator raffle to benefit Fayco Humane Society.

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And the winner is......... Darryl Caudill from Columbus Ohio.

Thank you all for your support for the Fayco Humane Society.

 Updated 6-29-13 with Frank presenting Darryl with the guitar.


Thanks again Reso friends for participating in the benefit for the Fayco Humane Society in Ohio.
















Thank you.




May 22nd Drawing Date. Tickets $20.00. Only 500 tickets will be sold.  Winner to receive a $4700.00 Harlow Jumbo Cherry Resonator  Guitar. There is  page on Eventbrite to sell tickets as well as on the Fayco Humane web site. 

The links are:  www.faycohumane.com and www.harlowguitar.eventbrite.com




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Here we go again!  Here goes a couple of hundred of my hard-earned into the void - maybe this year!


"You don’t have to be brilliant; it’s enough to become progressively less stupid"  - Marshall Rosenberg

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Imagemore photos........

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 Good luck folks! 


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Geez what a wonderful gift.



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I hope that y'all do sell out of tickets, Dan...but you gotta admit the pic of the bass on the poster is funny!


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I got my raffle ticket and now I only have to wait............I sure feel lucky.  what a great way to raise funds for this outstanding organization.


Bob G / Slide Hound

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Lee: Yes it's funny. I didn't have the heart to tell the Humane Society volunteer when they showed the cards to me last weekend at the Wilmington Ohio BGF.... =)

 We sold 50 tickets and the line cards came in handy for folks to take home as a reminder if they wanted to purchase tickets online.

Fact: last years raffle raised $6000.00 for the Fayco Humane Society. As of ths posting, 315 folks on Reso Nation have viewed this thread and 186 tickts have been sold since Last Saturday. Folks might want to pony up and get their tickets soon.

I played the Raffle guitar last weekend. It's another fine Cherry bomb! Dale Reichert from Art Stevenson and Highwater band from Wisconsin also played the guitar and had high regards for it. I think he even bought a ticket. Met another fine dobro player from Night Flyer named Tim Jackson and we swapped a few licks. He sure is a fine picker and gentleman, and he had a Harlow Jumbo Cherry also. Being a banjo player since he was 13 sure impressed me with his right hand economy of motion. Phile Leadbetter was with Dale Ann Bradley and Fred Traverse was there with the Seldom Scene, as was Lou Reed and Carolina, Joe Mullins and the Radio Ramblers, Audie Blaylock and Redline, Saw my buddy Bobby Davis who plays bass with Don Rigsby's band after they played. Michael Cleveland was setting in with James King, Joe Mullins, Marshall Wilborn and Don Rigsby (Longview). It was a nice clean festival and I got to pick flattop and dobro a bit in a couple of good jams. No one really is aware of the fact that Frank Harlow is a pretty good self taught dobro player.....he showed me some slants he learned (not from Gene Wooten either). It was a pretty fun weekend and the 5 hour drive home to Michigan Winter was the worst part......=)





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