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Hi. Does anyone here got Tim's  EMail???? 



Thanks    Paul


paul oddvang



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Hi Paul I sent you an email with phone numbers a couple days ago?  I dont think Tim uses email??

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His eMail is good but he doesn't check it that often.

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Hi guys. Its more easy for me sending a Mail.  A phonecall to Tim allmost cost a new scheerhorn. Wink  George if you have it, Could you send me it???? 

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Wow!  Never thought about the long distance fees???  Probably would be pretty bad$$$!!  Good luck Paul. 

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When I toured over there I used Skype. To call a normal land line in the states it's only .05 per minute. Worked great. 

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We used Skype on the iphone while Linda was in Costa Rica last summer - didn't cost a thing as long as a wifi connection was available. Wasn't always the best connection though, I guess they have upgrade plans you pay for?

Never mind, just reread your post about using it to call a land line instead of another Skype user....

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Scheerhorn threads were a lot more fun when Jim McNab was around.........


Just Sayin'...

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What would Jim write?

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Talked to Jim a couple months ago and he is still having major ear issues!! 

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i  shure hope Jim is doing fine.... i whas so sorry after i heard about he`s problem... cant be easy..

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