Brand New RedLine Build, Our First Blue Guitar

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We've been working on this one for a while.  Just finished it up this week, and it was picked up by its owner yesterday.

This guitar was built with our large body (Peabody) size and shape. Highly figured Maple body and neck.  Neck includes center laminations of ebony/walnut/ebony.  Bound rosewood fretboard, with flush frets, and bound peghead overlay.  This guitar also includs our very own, all new RLR Spider, fitted with sunken maple/partial ebony capped bridge, lyre coverplate, Grover 18;1 tuners, Quarterman cone, Stubby Internal Baffle, and Avatar Accessory Package.

I put some pictures up on Photobucket.  Seeing if I can link them here...


Overall View..


Front View...




Upper Fretboard Detail, Slotted Square Markers and "The Peabody" in the name block...


Neck to Body Detail...


Obligatory Case Shot..


Like ALL of our guitars, this one comes "Molly Approved".

Note this shot was taken before final set-up, as the four screws that help to hold the upper fretbard onto the top (and inlays that cover them) are not yet installed...


One last shot.  We nick-named this color "Avatar Blue" so we just could not resist adding the (easily removable) Jake Sully Accessory Package...




Steve Smith




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Man, that is a true Bluebro...I like it.

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Nice job Steve!  I wonder if the new owner will like it??



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That gold hardware sets it off nicely.  Good job!



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WOW! If someone had said "Blue Resonator" to me, I would have said "Not Interested". But seeing that one really changes my mind. Beautiful contrast with the gold, fine looking instrument.

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Someone posted a picture of a blue dobro when I was waiting for my Scheerhorn. I liked the looks of it and I toyed with the idea of getting a blue 'horn. When I visited Tim, he had a piece of maple he had cut out of a top and he colored it blue for me. Blue is my favorite color and I almost went with it, but I finally decided I had rather have a more traditional looking dobro. I still have the blue circle Tim gave me, though.

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If I remember correctly, Ivan Rosenburg had a blue Clinesmith that was rather striking.

Oh, and I finally watched Avitar last night.



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There is a stunning purple Clinesmith on Todd's site, is that Ivan's?



If I remember correctly, Ivan Rosenburg had a blue Clinesmith that was rather striking.

Oh, and I finally watched Avitar last night.



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No, that is my Purple Clinesmith.


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Is the wood stained or the lacquer tinted?

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Wow, I like it.  Great job. 


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