Redline Resonator Guitars

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Has anyone out there tried one the upper end Redlines?  How do they compare with what's out there?



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Hey there Tony. I happen to a very satisfied RedLine owner. I have a Rambler Deluxe that I received last August and I could not be happier. Crisp, clean sound. Easy to play, loud and great tone. You can see by my avitar that it even has eyes and a smile Tongue out. Steve Smith is a great guy to work with and will bend over backward to get you what you want out of what ever guitar you choose. I love the build quality. I've got a couple of sound bytes here on Reso Nation if you'd like to hear what it sounds like. I bought mine without ever having played one before and I was not disappointed. I could not give Steve a higher recommendation.


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Thanks Stringnut, I listened to your sound clips......The guitar sounds good.

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Thanks Tony, glad you enjoyed them. I see you are also a pedal steel player, too. So am I. Nothing like guitars and steel bars.

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I am a proud owner of a Redline Hemi and I could not be more pleased. Pleased enough in fact that I have ordered another.Steve is the salt of the earth and is easy to work with.The Redline I own is easily twice as loud,deep, clear and bright as a older dobro resonator that I compared it to.You wont go wrong with Redline or Steve.

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