What is Red Line Resophonics?

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Red Line Resophonics is the Resophonic division of Cumberland Acoustic. 

Our parent company, Cumberland Acoustic, has been in business since 1998, in a little town called Hendersonville, just north of Nashville, Tennessee.  For almost ten years now we have been manufacturing and supplying instrument makers and Instrument Supply Catalogs with some of the finest mandolin parts, including  bridges, pickguards, fretboards, and truss rods in the country.  We expanded our line to include parts for Banjos, Mandolas, Archtop Guitars and Resophonic Guitars. 

In 2007 we started making resophonic guitars, and things will never be the same again. 

How We Build The Guitars

We start with lumber and hardware and build Resophonic Guitars to order.  We also make some for stock,  and we are making some mighty fine instruments. 

We don't use kits or parts from kits.  We build all of the wooden parts ourselves.

Steve and Carol Smith are the owners.

Steve and Carol Smith


We have a small, but very talented group of people who work hard to insure our customer's satisfaction in everything they do.


Steve Smith



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