Meredith and Scheerhorn cone

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I'm thinking about trying a Scheerhorn cone in my Meredith A.H. Has anybody traded out the Quarterman for a Scheerhorn in a Meredith? How did it effect the sound? Any mechanical problems with the install?

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Kip Karney



I took my Meredith down to Tooters when I bought it used off resonation to have Tooter give it a fresh set up. 

I had him install the Scheerhorn cone. It sounded so much better I decided to go with it.

It was louder, brighter and just plain sounded much better.

I think sound may vary though from cone to cone no matter who makes it. 

Every good set up guy has told me there are good and not so good sounding cones by every maker.

That's why I like to take it myself to the set up guy like Tooter so I can hear it and change it then if I need to.

Good luck with whatever you decide. 




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I'm going to have to agree with Jim here.  Spinning cones (along with building guitars in general) can be a hit or miss ordeal.  Some turn out great - others, not so much.  You don't seem to hear too many complaints these days as Quarterman, Beard, Scheerhorn, etc. have really gotten it down to an art.  They seem pretty consistent from cone to cone from their respective builders, so quality is high and not a bad choice in the bunch.  That being said, I shipped my Fishook to Bobby Wright in October for a set-up and replaced the Quarterman cone it was built with with a Scheerhorn.  Now, in my particular guitar, it made a noticeable difference in volume and tone.  The notes seemed clearer and sustained longer.  Not that the Quarterman sounded bad, it's just with the Scheerhorn cone, it seemed like I was able to pull more out of the guitar with less effort.  

So, if you're installing the cone yourself, worst that could happen is you don't like the Scheerhorn as much, so you put the Quarterman back in.  Provided the cone is undamaged, you should be able to sell it no problem, or keep it for later or another guitar.

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When I was discussing how we were going to build my Meredit with Tooter, he told me he uses both but perferes the Quarterman.  For me, that was all I needed to hear.  I'm happy with the way mine turned out.  On the other hand, it's your guitar, you have to he happy with it.  I'm curious, is there something about the sound from your AH that you feel needs improving?

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I've had Scheerhorn Cones in three resos, two of which I still own. For all of them, it was a big improvement. The last one I exchanged was for a quarterman, which, compared to the 'horn cone, sounded like a thud! YMMV 



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They fit right in, so if you don't like it you can just switch back. I got a Scheerhorn in my Maple Meredith, and it sounds great. It was the previous owner (Ketil) who did the switch, so I can't say to much about how it compares to how it was with the Quarterman.

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At ResoSummit I hung out with Andy Hall and he told me about having all his guitars refitted with Scheerhorn cones, including his Meredith AH model. He is thrilled with it. Same story with Rob Ickes and Randy Kohrs. Need any more proof?Cool

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Tim Scheerhorn put a new Scheerhorn cone in my Wechter/Scheerhorn 6510F at ResoSummit.  He looked in the guitar and said "oh, you have one of the original cones in here" (I still don't know how he could tell just by looking).  When he took the old cone out, he balanced it on his finger and tapped it with a screwdriver.  It made a relatively dull thud.  Then he did the same thing with the new Scheerhorn cone.  It rang like a bell.

The upgraded cone has made a huge difference in the overall sound of the guitar.  I didn't mind it before, but I love it now!

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I did the same in my 3 resos, Scheerhorn Meredith Fishook. The reason is all in what Brad just wrote. You can put out your "old" one and hit it with what you want, screwdriver is ok, and you will hear it ringing maybe for about 8 / 9 seconds. Do the same thing on the new Scheerhorn cone and the "ringing time" will be double. This is the secret. So, why come back to what you had before ? This cone give more sustain in your guitar. That's it. 

When I played for awhile together with Andy Hall he just got it from Tim, and while he was trying it he declared to be very happy with this new one, his face was radiant.

So, why not to try, if you can ?

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I had Tim install a new 'horn cone at Resosummit as well. It had the original Quarterman in my Clinesmith from when the guitar was new in 2004. You don't really know exactly what something sounds like until you compare it to something else. When you look at yourself in the mirror each day while shaving, you don't notice if you are looking older, but if you run into someone that hasn't seen you in several years - well, they're going to notice that you've aged.  I could hear that my Clinesmith (in comparison to some of the other guitars) was lacking something (aside from my playing) at the first jam night I attended at the summit. Greg Booth noticed the same thing compared to the time he played my 'smith a couple years ago in his early days playing with Kathy Kallick and we traded guitars (his 'horn was new) after a gig they played in Marin County.

I left my guitar with Tim the next afternoon and picked it up after the day's classes were over. Now, I'm sure with a new Quarterman or Beard in there it would have been a major improvement as well, because my Q-Cone was "tired."  Just like putting new strings on after you have left the prior set on way too long.

But whatever the science behind it, I'm lovin' the new cone. Cool

Tim saw me in the hall the next day - the man has an air of confidence - and asked me with a grin, "So Mark, how does the new cone sound in that Clinesmith?"  I think my answer was something like "Man - it sounds like a new guitar. Thank you!"



The sound of the Meredith is excellent with the Q cone. I just like to experiment. By the way it may be the prettiest guitar I've ever seen. Interesting to here Tooter prefers the Quarterman. I bought mine from Smokey Mountain Guitars. It is AH #4. I've never spoken to Tooter. I saw in some previous posts that he was having some difficulty getting Q cones. I guess that has been resolved.  



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