Meredith at German ebay

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There is a rosewood/spruce Meredith at German ebay

A nice one as far this photo shows it. But 3000 Eurons ~ $3900.- + shipping is a bit high imho.



Beard MA-6 #228 with Hearts & Flowers coverplate, Rayco Weissie #157


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Just curious as to why you would consider that high for such a quality instrument as Tooters.

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I know that these are great instruments, but I expect that in ebay there is no chance for that price.

The other interesting thing is that there is only one photo and not even a good one.

According to the listing that guitar was built in 2006, Tooter's prices were lower then, even with the extras I think that would be a $4000 guitar new. If imported into Germany there would be tax on top of that. Looks like a really nice instrument, good photos are really a must if a seller is trying to command top price. In Europe a top shelf reso may command a higher price due to limited supply, or because a buyer wants to avoid importing I would think.

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With the rising values in quality instruments I would think Tooters guitars at $4000 would be a huge "Bargain"  and I think ebay with knowledgable buyers would be the perfect place for it.

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-A standard Beard E body cost 35000 Nok if you buy it in Norway. That is 7000usd today, and the Norwegian kroners are low compaired to the usd these days. A mint Meredith for 4000 would be a good price here I would think.

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If imported from Germany there should be no import fees because the instrument was made in the USA.

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A Brazilian RW/Spruce would be around $5,000.00 US and more for extra stuff. 

Barney's picture a builder, maybe this is something you might know about. I've heard that the US government has really cracked down on instruments with Brazilian rosewood lately. If a buyer was to import this instrument back into the States, do you think he would have anything to worry about when dealing with US customs? I realize that it would be returning to the country of origin but things can get sticky when it comes to certain materials. There may not be import fees but there could be other potential headaches. Hey, I can't even bring a roastbeef sandwich across the border Wink

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it is Indian not Brazilian rosewoodWink

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Barney, in reponse to your post, if I were going to ship, build, or otherwise use Brazilian Rosewood I would be certain to insure that the wood conformed to CITES( Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) Regulations , both from the person I would be receiving it from,and my intended use of it.  I know others here may have more experience with it than I,but, I sure would hate to have a Guitar of that expense sitting in a government warehouse while some agent did his or her research to see if it met the guidelines prescribed.

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