Another Question on the Travelite TL-60

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After being involved in the discussion re: Travelite cases and gig bags, I decided to purchase the Travelite TL-60 for my Meredith.  The guitar fits fine in the case but when I close the top there is a major (in my opinion) bind on the middle row of pegs on the head stock.  It looks as if the pegs will make an significant indention in the polyfoam. 

Curious, have any of you had a similar problem and is it resolved by continuing to close and bind until pegs make a permanent indention in the polyfoam?



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JC, I have a Travelite and a Meredith. I don't have any problem with mine. It's a nice tight fit. I'd say you stated the solution yourself. Let it make a indent. I checked my case for you. I've got a few indents in the foam. It's a good thing. Smile

The tuner posts of most solid headstock resos will make contact with the foam of the Travelite's cover when it's new, and then gradually create indentations in the foam after the instrument has been in the case for awhile.  You could speed up this process by deepening the indentations with your fingers, but unless it's a REALLY tight fit (causing a lot of downward pressure on the headstock), IMO it's probably best to just let the tuners create indentations that precisely match their locations and heights.


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I had the same issue with my Meredith.  Once the initial indentations appeared, I enlarged them slightly with a finger.  But I think it would have been fine just to let it work its own way.  Really didn't seem to be a problem at all.

Jim N.

Thanks for your response.  Also got an email from "the man" Tooter and he confirmed.  Be well all you Meredith well all other reso folk.


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Same thing with my older style Clinesmith.  Doesn't seem to be a problem.  Good to get an answer from the man himself!



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