Old Growth Submerged Maple Bridge Inserts

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AMT is now offering premium OGS [Old Growth Submerged] maple reso bridge inserts made from select quartersawn maple which is centuries old and has spent many years submerged under the cold waters of Lake Superior -- where natural aging combined with the action of anaerobic bacteria present in the lake have substantially altered its physical and sonic properties.

This wood's fine annular growth ring density [typically 20 - 30 lines per inch] far exceeds that of most modern maple, and indicates the tree it came from experienced very slow growth... resulting in smaller and more uniform cell size for increased stability/strength/rigidity/resonance.  IMO this unique maple produces exceptional sounding reso bridge inserts.

OGS maple bridge inserts are available from AMT either as a solid one piece insert or with various types of cap materials [including ebony, ebonex and tusq].  They can be supplied in any desired height, width and thickness, and can also be preslotted with your preferred string spacing and gauges (with the additional option of using AMT's unique compensated slotting method in which spacing is slightly adjusted between each pair of strings to take into account the varying thicknesses of different strings).

For more info contact me either via ResoNation PM, sending an email to Erik@AdvancedMusicTechnology.com or calling (616) 243-1548.




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