Chargers for Mi-Si Battery-free Internal Preamps

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The Mi-Si rechargeable battery-free preamps sold by AMT include an AC charging adapter, which can be plugged into an AC outlet and connected to the preamp's output jack for 60 seconds to fully recharge its on-board SuperCap power supply -- providing up to 16 hours of playing time before needing to recharge.


Mi-Si Preamp AC Charger



AMT is also now offering an inexpensive charging cable for use with a standard 9v battery; this cable is compact enough to be easily stored with a battery inside a reso's case as a backup if the preamp should ever need to be recharged when the AC charging adapter isn't available.  (BTW, in an emergency it's possible to use a standard 1/4" to 1/4" guitar cable for recharging the preamp from a 9v battery... simply by holding the battery's terminals against one of the 1/4" plug's contacts, with the cable's other end plugged into the preamp's output jack.)


Mi-Si Preamp 9v Battery Charger



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