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I consider the traditional Dobro/reso stamped brass tailpiece design to be less than ideal (and far too susceptible to metal fatigue fractures due to string tension) so during the past few months I've been working on two new reso tailpiece design concepts.  I'd greatly appreciate input from ResoNation members regarding which of these they'd be most interested in AMT putting into production first.  Here's a brief summary of the two designs:

Reinforced Traditional Tailpiece

This design retains the overall shape and appearance of a traditional stamped reso tailpiece but is considerably stronger and more resistant to metal fatigue as a result of adding a reinforcing baseplate of high-strength steel to the tailpiece's underside.  It also incorporates an improved string attachment method to prevent strings from slipping out of their holes during restringing, and an optional damping strip to reduce/eliminate sympathetic vibration of strings between the bridge and tailpiece.  The increased rigidity and mass added by the reinforcing baseplate improves sustain and note clarity compared to a standard tailpiece.

Adjustable Modular Tailpiece

This design is non-traditional in appearance but offers several significant performance and setup advantages, most notably including the ability to adjust break angle/downforce and string length between the bridge and tailpiece individually for each string.  It consists of a sturdy baseplate to which removable pivoting string attachment arms are mounted.  If desired, one or more of the standard string attachment arms may be easily replaced with an optional dual-tuning mechanism (with thumbscrew fine tuning) or a pedal steel style pitch bending mechanism which can be activated via either a lever or floor pedal.  This tailpiece can be made in 6, 7 or 8 string versions while maintaining the same string-to-string spacing.




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IMO the modular tailpiece fills a need that no other product does.


Play it 100 times you know it 1000 times you own it .... Dobropilot the bad luftpostmeister

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I guess I need to see pictures (they are after all, worth a thousand words).

The Reinforced Traditional strikes me as the better bet for initial production, in my mind it falls under the category of potentially "building a better mousetrap."

I'm still trying to wrap my head around the other one.

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Sounds good about the improved traditional tailpiece. But that second one is way out there in conehead land. Can't wait to get a visual on that one!

Here's a CAD sketch showing approximately what the "Adjustable Modular Tailpiece" would look like installed on a 7-string Waynesmith reso:



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Hey Erik how much either one of these bad boys run?

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That's pretty inovative....especially if you consider the low D to E change on that 7th string.

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I want one with a floor pedal(s)!Smile

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The first design is more appealing to me. 

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How about a direct link to the brain ... couple of patches on your head and some bioelectronic thingamajig and hey presto you can change any string pitch at will

Hey Erik how much either one of these bad boys run?

The Reinforced Traditional tailpiece should be about $20 - $30 more than a standard Beard tailpiece; the basic version of the Adjustable Modular should initially sell for around $125 - $150, depending on demand.


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