Reso Straplock from AMT

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AMT is now offering a low-cost reso straplock consisting of a leather strap end loop with an attached nylon locking ring.  Here's its primary features:

  • Inexpensive
  • Durable
  • Easily and quickly installed or removed
  • Capable of safely supporting the full weight of a reso
  • Doesn't interfere with the use of strap button pickup jacks or jack-mounted external preamps
  • Unlike some metal straplocks (i.e. Schaller), it has no loose-fitting parts making metal-to-metal contact... so it's not susceptible to rattling when a reso is played while sitting with its strap attached
  • No portion of this straplock protrudes beyond a standard strap button, so it allows the strap to be left connected while a reso is stored and/or transported in its case
  • There's no metal parts (which could damage a reso's finish if stored inside a case and allowed to come in contact with the reso)


AMT Straplock



badger's picture

Clever idea! Solves a number of Schaller issues.   Price?  Availability?



"You don’t have to be brilliant; it’s enough to become progressively less stupid"  - Marshall Rosenberg

Phil Dean's picture

What strap button is compatible with that locking ring?  Phil

martinman54's picture

I want one!

Phil Dean's picture

Erik, does it come with a strap lock button?  Which ones are compatible with it,due to the locking ring?  Thanks, Phil

Ben Wooten's picture

Is the clip like an E-ring ? It wont shoot off under pressure ? how hard is it to apply/remove?


Ben Wooten

The "locking ring" is a nylon washer with a tapered slot cut to allow it to be pressed onto a strap button; it's simple to install and should click securely in place over a strap button if the center hole diameter and slot width are properly matched to the button's size.  It can be easily removed by pressing firmly outward on the slot edges or pulling firmly on the attached captivating string; the string also keeps it from "shooting off" (and potentially getting lost) when being removed.

The version shown in the photos above is installed on an oversized metal strap jack with a 1/4" pickup jack built in... so the openings in both the leather strap end loop and locking washer are somewhat larger than what would be used with a standard strap button.  For a reso which happened to have a non-standard sized strap button, it'd be fairly easy for me to make a locking ring to precisely match it.  BTW, for anyone wanting to install a pickup in their reso without having to drill an additional hole in the body for the jack, AMT can supply a standard diameter strap button with a high quality 1/8" stereo pickup jack built in.

Cost is $10 plus shipping for the standard versions, or $15 for one custom made to fit a non-standard strap button.

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Well, I tried to buy one.

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I just talked to Erik and it looks like they are about 2 to 3 weeks away from production...possibly.  Thanks for contacting me Erik.  You are a class act.

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Listen guys, I have one of these for my Taylor with Fishman 1/4" pickup jack.  It is the ONLY way to go if you have that kind of pickup/strap button combo.  Erik, if you're making a locking washer to fit standard strap buttons, that's AWESOME!  I used to use the Schaller stuff on my electrics, and they were always needing to be re-tightened or banging against the guitar body.  That and you had to replace the button.  These things are soft, quiet, and don't extend out from the guitar.  Glad you're offering them.

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