Warwick RockBag Premium Plus Gig Bags from AMT

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Warwick's RockBag "Premium Plus" gig bags are now available from AMT at discount prices.  These very high quality bags normally retail in the U.S. for $90 - $120 and offer exceptional protection and convenience features.  RockBag models are available for nearly all acoustic and electric instruments.

Specifications for the resonator guitar RockBag (which is large enough to comfortably accommodate nearly all resos) are:

  • Internal dimensions: neck length = 20.5", body length = 20.9", body width = 15.8", body depth = 4.7"
  • Strong water-resistant RokTex® exterior, with artificial leather appliques
  • Black exterior color, with PVC piping; black velvet interior
  • 30 mm (1.2") thick padding
  • Heavy duty 10mm wide double locking zippers
  • "Neck Saver" internal neck support cushion, with zippered storage pouch and velcro strap
  • Sewn-in protective RokTex fabric patches over tuners and coverplate; extra cushioning in strap button area
  • Two removable 50 mm (2") wide non-slip padded backpack straps, with heavy duty metal hooks and rings
  • Two cushioned carrier handles -- one at the side and one at the front
  • Two zippered vertical pockets on the rear side for storing the backpack straps
  • Large zippered pouch (9.6" x 13.8" x 1.2") with integrated second pocket 
  • Cell phone pouch
  • See-thru window pocket for business card
  • Metal hanging hook, sewn on and riveted with a nylon strap
  • PVC reinforcement at endpin, bridge and tuning keys; strong PVC bottom with metal feet
  • Embossed RockBag logo





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URL or link to see pix?

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Will a Martin Dreadnaught fit?

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If made for a classical guitar I dought a dread will fit. But most dobros fit classical gig bags. A few probably won't - like a jumbo Harlow.

I've checked the dimensions of a jumbo Harlow, and although its 15.3" lower bout is quite a bit wider than most other resos it should fit just fine into the RockBag Premium Plus resonator guitar gig bag (which can accommodate body widths of up to 15.8"); about the only resos I'm aware of being too big to fit in this gig bag are Sho-Bros.

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I have the same question as Preston.  I've been looking for a Travel Lite type gig back with back straps.  Is this Rock Bag rigid or soft?  Is there a chance of the guitar getting "crushed".  This is what has kept me from buying something like an Alpine which doesn't seem to have a lot of padding.  The back pack straps look awesome on this one from the picture and it looks like there's lots of pockets.  Can we see some more pics?  I'm VERY interested.  Hope you have a few of these.  I've never heard of them.


The Travelite and other similar 'lightweight hard cases' are made with rigid foam, whereas gig bags such as the RockBags are made with foam padding that's much softer.  Most high quality gig bags have 30mm (1.2") thick padding that has enough rigidity and impact absorption/dispersion to do a good job of preventing denting and/or scratching of the instrument inside, but will not prevent crushing if a heavy weight is placed on top of (or dropped onto) the bag.


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Just received my Gig Bag.  Looks like an outstanding value.  Thanks Eric.  We will try it out tomorrow.

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I saw a bag at Resosummit that Will Andrew had.  I dont know the name but could it be the same as this??  Maybe others know?  If it is I want one.  I will PM and see.

I saw a bag at Resosummit that Will Andrew had.  I dont know the name but could it be the same as this??  Maybe others know?  If it is I want one.  I will PM and see.

There's several brands of high quality reso/classic guitar gig bags available, with quality and features mostly dependent on the amount you're willing to pay; if 'cost is no object' you can spend up to several hundred dollars on a premium leather gig bag.

It's unlikely the gig bag Will was using at ResoSummit was a Warwick RockBag because Warwick is a German company that currently has only a few stocking U.S. dealers for its RockBag products... IMO due mostly to its inept former U.S. distributor.  A few months ago GHS Strings agreed to became the U.S. distributor for Warwick's extensive line of RockBag, RockCase, RockStand, RockTron, etc. products (and now has a warehouse in nearby Battle Creek Michigan stocked full of them) -- so it's likely that in the not-too-distant future many more U.S. music retailers, who were already GHS dealers, will begin also stocking the GHS-distributed Warwick products.

BTW, AMT is now sold out of the RockBag Premium Plus gig bags we purchased from GHS at a special discount price.  Thanks to all the ResoNation members who took advantage of this special offer!


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You're right Erik.  I got email from Will and it is a different brand.  I still want one of yours.  Thanks 

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