April Guitar Sessions lesson

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Hey everyone,
My first Mel Bay Guitar Sessions article is online. It's a free lesson with tab and soundclips on traditional chord-based licks (part 1 of 2). This is geared towards beginning and intermediate players. Be sure to notice the downloadable tab link in the upper right corner--looks a lot better than the onscreen version.

Here's the link: http://guitarsessions.com/apr07/resonator.asp

Ever get the feeling you're going from fret to fret with the chord changes but aren't playing really purposeful music? The goal of the lesson is to get you playing very specific licks based around the frets in the traditional bluegrass style. Great for learning the fretboard and the spaces between chords, and eventually this kind of practice helps you find melodies.

Keep in mind that the more general audience I'm writing for doesn't know as much about dobro styles as our reso-nation members, so certain concepts (like Hawaiian picking) are explained only in the most general sense, while other concepts are explained in greater detail than you might be used to.

Also, keep in mind that there's an editor, so the nuances of certain sentences are beyond my control :)

Anyway, hope you like the lesson--happy pickin!



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