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I was wondering when this was going to come around, and here it is. Unless I missed it and someone posted about it already, there is now a site for Scheerhorn Resonator Guitars, a.k.a. Scheerhorn by National Reso-Phonic, a.k.a. Nati-horn.

Looks to be a work in progress, will have some catching up to do with the extraordinarily cool new Beard Guitars website, but there are some good things happening on the 'horn site. 

In addition to a couple videos a lot of us have seen with Tim Scheerhorn playing the guitars, including one with Tim and Mike Dowling (here in my neigborhood as I speak), there are sound clips for all three of the production models, and they are played by Rob Ickes. Remember awhile back on a thread where we discussed the shall we say "pedestrian" clips of the Nati-horns on the Artisan site, and Lakeview actually suggested to Artisan it would be a good idea to get a pro to demo the guitars, and we were thinking since Franklin is pretty close to where Rob lives - why not Rob?

Might be just a coincidence and it was already in the works, but it's a great idea to hear Rob play the guitars. Only one glitch: Eric (Natres), if you are reading this, I went back to play the clips a second time and each one cut out after exactly 20 seconds.  Maybe I used up my "quota" but I will check it out again later.

Something else - old bio information on Rob's page under his signature model, this would be worth updating. For example, there is mention of his 11 IBMA Dobro Player of the Year Awards - he is now up to 15.

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