Scheerhorn Wishlist #4

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I've been keeping a secret. Please, do not start another discussion over price, or "I like my XXXXX better..." Those topics have been discussed ad nauseam in other threads. Just admire, if you'd like...

Here is Scheerhorn Wishlist #4. I finally received it from Tim a few days ago. I believe it is the first of the Wishlist guitars that Tim sold directly to a customer (me), and not through Elderly. I had been on the "tentative" waiting list for three years and one month before he called in December. It was about a three month wait from the time he first called me to the time I received the guitar. Despite the rumor mill, Tim did make the guitar as I desired, fully, with my input. For the most part, he plans to continue building the Wishlist guitars to customer specs, and not to his own liking, as previously thought or stated. I wasn't looking for anything exotic or "different". Just asked for a great-sounding curly maple L-body. In addition, I asked if he could reference Bob Hillis's #481 when he built it, especially in regard to color. Aside from that, I told him I'd be happy with whatever he came up with... Mine came out more on the fiery red side than the brown of Bob's, and when I first opened the case, I was a bit disappointed with the color variation. But, then I took it out, and I realized how awesome and unique the color really is. The color has a ton of depth, and it varies greatly in different lighting and the angle from which it is viewed. The pictures really don't do it justice. The hardware is black powder coat. Tim no longer has access to the same chrome and engraving guys that he had been using, so we had to go a different route. It came with a nice shell/wood grain TKL case. And yes, the asking price is $10,200, plus another 100 for shipping. I debated weather I was going to pay this cost in my head for weeks once I heard the rumors of the price increase. It's a personal decision, and you'll have to decide for yourself if your number ever comes up... All in all, I'm extremely happy that I finally own one of my own. I had wanted one many years before I ever had the money to actually put myself on the list. My only regret is that I didn't contact Tim a few days earlier, as I probably could have gotten on the "old" list and saved several thousand dollars. But, I suppose somebody had to be "that guy". Tim is obviously a great guy to deal with and buy from. He explained every aspect thoroughly and explored many possible options with me. He did everything he could to build me what I asked for. I'm extremely satisfied with the end result. And, of course, it sounds like a Scheerhorn, which is all I really wanted... -John Ward

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