JD Aura pedal presets, mix levels, etc

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So I finally got a Fishman reso pickup and JD Aura pedal. Had Tim install the pickup in a Rob Ickes Wechter Scheerhorn. So far, so good. Gonna use it for the first time at at gig this Friday night. As an aside, wow this Wechter Scheerhorn sounds good for the money. Scheerhorn cone and setup. Not quite my R body Horn in attack and especially bass, but it sure doesn't suck either. Quite impressed.

Experimenting at home, I found running the mix nearly 100% on the JD Aura models yielded the most realistic tone. The pickup by itself sounds like an acoustic guitar to me, not much cone character there at all. I tried various blends of pickup/model, but always came back to 100% model. This was listening on studio monitors and AKG K240 headphones. But maybe once I get to the gig and hear it through a stage monitor my opinion might change. Guess we'll see...

I'm curious to hear what's working for other JD Aura users here. Thanks!



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