Your advice please: Fishman Platinum Pro EQ/DI with JD Aura.

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I've been running the Nashville pickup through the JD Aura into a Fishman Platinum Pro EQ/DI (Pro PLT-201), and am having difficulty getting my levels sorted out.

In order to get the best signal to noise ratio I have been running the Trim on the Aura as high as possible before the clip light comes on (about 5/6s up, which is roughly unity gain (range of -10 to +2 dB)), and then setting the output Volume as high as possible without clipping the next device, which is the Platinum.

Even with the Platinum input Trim all of the way down (range of -6 to +14) I have to lower the Aura Volume to the halfway mark to avoid the clip light from coming on. This results in a lot of hiss. If I switch the DI to Pre-EQ the hiss is eliminated completely. I can run the volume of the Aura all of the way up this way for an equivalent output volume, minus the noise, but with no EQ, boost, or effects loop available through the DI.

The Pre-EQ DI setting is -10 dB, and Post-EQ is unity gain, but I'm running it at -6 to avoid the clipping. Thing is, I don't know that I hear any clipping...

I tried plugging my reso directly into the input of the Platinum and can even get the clip light to come on with the Trim all the way down.

Has anyone else experienced something like this? Do you reckon it might be a faulty unit? Is it possible to do any damage running the Platinum Trim as high as I can before I HEAR clipping, and just have the light flash at me the whole time? I'll call Fishman support tomorrow, but would appreciate any advice you might have out there in Reso-Nation. Thanks!






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