Cramped hand due to Scheerhorn chrome bar (or other make for that matter)? Good alternatives?

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Hi all,

Every now and then (not always) my left hand becomes cramped easily while playing, as if my Scheerhorn chrome bar doesn't fit in my hand comfortably enough. I'm wondering if it has to do with the relatively heavy weight (in my experience at least) and shape of it. Can anyone relate to this issue, with a Scheerhorn bar or other makes? I don't have considerably bigger or smaller hands than average.

I'm sure at times I'm just using too much pressure while holding the bar. Being on the lookout for a spare steel though, I'm wondering if there are steels out there that you guys know of which are a great alternative, especially when it comes to weight and grip. The Schubb seems quite comfortable, I'm in doubt though whether the light weight will affect the sustain and tone in a negative way? The Miller medium slide I find an interesting alternative as well, since it is about 20 percent lighter in weight than the Sheerhorn and the holes may make for a better / easier grip (although the price is a bit too steep to my liking). Tipton bars are ones I hear a lot of positive things about as well.

Anyone ever been on the market for a new / spare steel because of comfortability issues as well? I'm anxious to hear from you, thanks in advance for your reply!

Cheers, TripleD

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