Aura Pedal Settings Questions

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Please see my questions below regarding Fishman JD model Aura pedal settings. I'm using a Beard R model (USA) with Fishman Nashville Saddle pickup installed by Beard Guitar in 2014.  The Aura pedal was purchased new in 2014.


1. Trim setting

Aura User Guide page 11 states: “Raiser or lower trim to optimize the input level for your pickup. Play hard and adjust trim so clip/batt LED flashes occasionally.”


I get no clip light when playing as hard as possible with the trim on full.  I also do not discern any distortion.  Is this normal? 


Though I cannot cause the clipping light to activate, I suspect that the full trim setting is the not the best setting for clarity and feedback avoidance.    

In your experience, what is the optimal trim setting?


2. Footswitch

The User Guide, page 15, says: “Also, if the blend knob is set to 7 o’clock, you will hear no difference between the active and bypass states.”  This is patently untrue for me! There is a very significant difference between the light on vs light off when the blend knob is 7’oclock, both in the volume and the quality of the sound.  Why is there this profound discrepancy between the User Manual and Reality?  Is the User Guide known to be in error, and if so what is the correct statement about the bypass mode?  Assuming the User Guide is in error, then if 7 o’clock is 100% pickup and no imaging, what exactly is the footswitch doing to the signal? In other words what is the difference between on and off when blend knob is at 7 o’clock?  Or is the User Guide accurate (i.e. there really should be no difference) and thus my Aura pedal is faulty (i.e. not behaving as designed)? 


Note: When the light is off, there is no difference between the different image settings (1-16), even with the blend knob well towards the right.  This aspect of behavior is consistent with the User Guide.


3. Bypass and buffered signal

Is it a “true” bypass? I do not have a particular expectation as to whether it’s a ‘true’ bypass or not, I just want to understand how it is supposed to work and how the pedal affects my tone and signal, even in the footswitched off setting.


What does this mean (from page 16 User Guide)?: “When the effect is bypassed your guitar signal remains buffered.”  This implies to me that it is not a true bypass. It’s a bypass of the image, but the signal is still ‘buffered’.  What is that buffering is and how it affects the signal?



Thanks for sharing your knowledge and thoughts. 


Sean Feder

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