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I'm about to babble:


I had one of those infrequent "important" gigs last night and this afternoon. Very large indoor pavilion. Sound crew ( 8 I think) provided. I know they weren't there for me Cool but the fact that we were opening for blues mistress Deanna Bogart had me a wee bit concerned about my stage rig and how they would handle an acoustic rock band and the reso in particular. It didn't take but a 10 minute meeting to know that the sound guys were pros and that (as important) we came prepared to make life easy for them.

As far as the reso goes, in addition to effects, my signal path is pretty straight forrward  JD pup==>Aura==>Fishman PRO EQ/DI Platinum==>Fishman Loudbox artist. The crew had the option of taking a feed off of the Loudboux or the EQ/DI (post effects). My preference was to control the "wash" of the reso over the stage, letting me adjust monitor volume as needed. They could backfill a bit by providing a tad of me through the front wedges, filling out the stage sound. They just took a feed off of my DI.

Man oh man...What a huge "phat" sound. Stage side crew chief says "show me what you got" and POW! He really had me dialed in. I heard that the FOH was equally as impressive. The DI was set absolutely flat. As far as the "Artist" backline, a modest amount of boost on lows, the mids scooped quite a bit and the highs more or less flat. I had mde those choices at home before the gig. Absolutely no hint ever of feedback. I was even strolling around, Andy Hall style, during the gig. nada squeak.  Whew!

This is a 5 piece band. In additio to the "Artist" our backline included AER and Fender. Mando had the multi-instrument Aura. Bass had Paracoustic electronics. The speed and ease of setup was darn amazing.

The stage volume was HIGH!! I was on the verge of wearing my custom plugs but chose not to. The reso was very articulate, very "surround soundish". We had the volume toned down for the 2nd concert today.

I can't the Fishman engineers enough. I feel they have expanded the range of my guitar allowing me to follow my muse and to make more music.

Now if more of those "important" gigs would come around....

One guy's experience and thoughts. As always it is fwiw, my .02 and of course, imho.









Howard Parker

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