Settings/Cables for Aura

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So I just got my MA-6 back from Paul Beard - thanks to Howard for bringing it up to Joe Val - with the Fishman pickup/adjustable spider and Aura pedal. My primary goal is to use this for bluegrass band gigs in small clubs/bars where the board/mikes/stage are limited and sound is less than optimal. At the suggestion of some of you, I got the Fishman Loudbox Mini to use as DI/personal monitor. Which prompts a couple of questions:

1) Which Aura settings (of the 16) do folks prefer? Paul recommends #11 (Neuman FET 47), and notes for points of reference that #3 and #16 offer the most bass and treble, respectively.

2) How about 1/4" cables (I need two: dobro>Aura and Aura>DI/Amp)? Any suggestions? They run from $6 to $100. I don't mind "investing" for something that lasts, but do I really need Monster cables? Should I use a right-angle cable out of the dobro?



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