Tips & Tricks for those attending Resosummit

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I thought I'd start a discussion with some tips and tricks I've picked up from attending previous Resosummits. Please add your advice and experience as you like.

  • Talk to everybody! I haven't been bitten once at Resosummit.
  • Stay hydrated. There will be water machines in the lobby and elsewhere.
  • If you need a break, there are plenty of dining options a very short walk away. I like the San Antonio Taco Company because it's fast and cheap. The Mellow Mushroom has good pizza.
  • Diagonally across the street from the Station Inn is the Turnip Truck Natural Market, sort of a Whole Foods type grocery and deli. They have very good food and are a good choice for a fast meal before the Station Inn (unless you prefer the pizza at the Station Inn). There's also a frozen yogurt shop in that same complex.
  • Carpool to the Station Inn if you can. Parking can be difficult if you get there late. The surrounding area is all hoity toity, but the Station Inn itself is down-home.
  • Check out Two Old Hippies across the street from the Station Inn. It's pretty interesting and they sometimes have live performances on a big stage in the back of the store. This is one of the only places I've seen that sells Weber resophonic guitars.
  • People who want to sell their guitars will have them displayed up on the second floor. The teachers will have books and CDs for sale in the main lobby. Resosummit sells a wide variety of straps, picks, bars, etc. This will be your chance to stock up! Check out those Blue Chip thumb picks people are talking about.
  • There usually are multiple jam sessions going on at night. They will all be different, some large, some small. Try them all!
  • If you're at the Station Inn and you see a souvenir you like, buy it then. There's no guarantee they won't sell out or be carrying the same item later in the weekend.

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