Reso Gat 2012

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I wanted to comment on what a wonderful experience we all had at this years Reso Gathering in Wilkesboro, NC.  starting July 11 -15.  I posted on RH as much detail as I could remember after being totally resofried for 4 solid days.  I met alot of super nice people and the picking, fellowship, fun was first class.  Met Frank Bounds finally and we picked, ate and talked. Great fellow.  Met Pammy Davis the head honcho who is super cool and fun to hang with and she also nominated me to the Reso Gat committee which I was honored to accept.  Met and picked with Mike Esposito who is an absolute monster player both squareneck and roundneck. Met Mr. Tut Taylor, Mr. Russ Hooper, just to mention a few icons as well as picked with friends Lou and Lynn Wamp who are both awesome. For those of u that ever get a chance to pick with Lou and Lynn do it and GO SEE Them live if in your neck of the woods.  Met Pat Murphey who can pick the snot out his horn.  JP Johnson brought his Pearl River resos down and had a great display and his resos are all big sounding and beautiful.  Check JP's resos out!  Picked with Eric Abernathy and had good visits with him.  Got to pick with Ben Wooten his son Reese and hot girlfriend Mellisa and Ben will go down in my history book as the happiest fellow I have ever known.  For sure he is a great guy!! We had several picking rooms at the Holiday Inn Express and could jam all night if wanted.  Very nice facility and the staff was super.  We had a fun concert Friday and I did a duet with a new friend Mrs. Olivia (cant remember last name) where she sang and I accompanied on Wayfaring Stranger.  I pick it solo but she has a real nice voice so i asked her to sing with me.  Lou and Lynn did Audrey's Last Dive which is probably my favorite Lou Wamp song.  Mike Esposito did the best bluesy version of Will the Circle Be Unbroken that I have ever heard.  He played his old Dobro and sang.  I can hear him right now say (gonna lay my burden down).  Such a cool guy.  Met and picked Tom Costner who is quite the Josh Graves style picker and knows every song thrown at him.  Infact Tom's mom(she gave it to Tom) won the Bobby Poff super cool Reso Gat 2012 strap.  I lucked out and won a Blue Chip pick.  Met new buddy Peter Mosco who builds the Mason reso which are extremely nice.  Great tone and loud too.  The list goes on and on but trying to inform the just of the gathering.  I am going to contact Mr. Ferrell Stowe to invite him to next years Gathering.  We had a few very informal workshops free of charge to help with question and answer.  To sum up  Reso players owe it to yourself to attend one of the best Gathering of players you will ever attend in Wilkesboro!!!  Its a picking extravaganza!!  Puts a new meaning into blistered fingers.  Hope to see yall at next years Reso Gathering.  Oh yeah if anyone has any questions at all about the event please feel free to email me or comment on this post. I will post pictures later today hopefully.    dave

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