DC Area Reso Gathering

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In the event that the calendar posts get filtered out in some peoples views, I though I would post this here too.



Hey folks, a few of us DC folks are looking to put together another dobro gathering that I will be hosting. We've done this event twice before, with the idea to get a bunch of different resos in the house to sample and A-B. Lot's of fun. Last time we had 30+. The first one was written up nicely by Howard Parker on Reso-Guit.


Well were looking to do it again. At least three of us are in, and our instruments include 5 Scheerhorns, 2 Harpers, 2 Deneves, a Regal roundneck (modern), 1 Leadbetter Dobro 7 string. There should also be a handful of weissnborn style instruments and maybe an electric or two. I think I also a commitment from a 4th player who has a great 1930s Regal. The last gathering around 4 years ago even included special guest Mike Auldridge.


So if you're anywhere nearby and interested in coming - drop me a line. We're trying to pull together our list from the last meeting to be sure we get in touch with everyone - but haven't reached out all the way yet. Also have yet to post on Resoguit-L.


The date is set for November 6th. Not sure of the exact time yet, but most likely it will be in the afternoon. Hot Rize is at the Birchmere that night so I want to be able to go there too (if I can work it out).

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