Dobro Party at IBMA-Celebrating Mike Auldridge's Award

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Dear Friends,

I will be hosting a dobro party at IBMA on Thursday, Oct. 4, at 2:00 pm in the CBA Hospitality Suite, Room 1804 of the Renaissance Hotel. This year, the party will be in Mike Auldridge's honor, celebrating the IBMA Distinguished Achievement Award which will be presented to him at the Special Awards Luncheon on Thursday (11am-1:15pm). The dobro party ends at 5:00 sharp, but please plan to arrive close to 2:00 for some special Auldridge events. The California Bluegrass Society is kind enough to donate its hospitality suite for our party, and in exchange, we need to leave the room in its pre-dobro-mayhem state, so if a few people can volunteer to help clean up, that would be great.

You don't need IBMA credentials to attend the dobro party. So if you're coming in for FanFest or the Awards Show, I hope you'll plan to come in a little early and help us celebrate this very special award and this very special person. (And if you're not coming to IBMA but are coming to ResoSummit, I'm sure we'll still be in a celebratory mode there, too...)


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