Owens Resonator - Memphis

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Hello everybody!
I recently joined this great forum hopping to find some more information about Owens Memphis Resonator Guitar which I purchased back in February of this year through an eBay auction. It is in near mint condition and came with its original alligator-faux case and warranty papers from ZETA Music Sistem.
I fell in love with it the moment I got it.
It is extremely beautiful looking (see picks) and sounding guitar.

Besides the specs, I also found out that the guitar was designed by musician, engineer and producer Richie Owens and for a brief period of time (in 2002) made by Crafters of Tennessee. Then, when ZETA (who makes el. violines, cellos, basses etc. ) bought the rights to Owens Guitars, they had some Resos equiped with their famous Strados amplification system. This is one of them with Ser# 0012. Talking on couple occasion to Head of Zeta Co. Mr Greg Kozak I was told that less than 20 of this guitars received amplification, because soon after that, deal with Owens fell through. He also said that retail price was $3000.00
It is a pretty rare high end instrument that was selling for $2000.00 and over at authorized dealer stores.
This is what I was able to geather around.
Does anyone here play Owens or knows more about it ?
I would appreciate any new infos.



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