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Couldn't resist the alliteration in the Subject line!! Here's my interpretation of Tut Taylor's 'Picking Peanuts" off the 'Flash Flood' album. I have tabbed it as close as I can using a number os slow down programs - any errors and omissions are mine.

The one thing I must caution all users of tabs is that there have been varied efforts at including timing etc, I don't bother because I'd never finish the thing and I can listen to the CD to get the feel for the song and then take it from there. Of course if you don't have the original song you could be in trouble.

Note that the basic riff is very similar to Josh Graves' 'Buck's Stumble" and I always end up play Peanuts instead of Stumble so I thought I may as well get it out in tab form.

I do have this file as a .TAB if anyone uses INSTAB - I'm not sure how it will port into Tabledit or Power Tab - will try this later.

I hope to tab more of Tut's stuff especially songs from 'Friar Tut" (personnaly I think this is his best stuff and has been one of my inspirational CDs)




Geoff Sandland,

Canberra Australia


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