a few cd recommendations: biscuit burners, orville J, etc.

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a few discs that are a bit off the radar but really worthwhile....

i'm not just sayin this cuz he's now my landlord, but you all really have to get the biscuit burners cd 'fierymountain music' with billy cardine on dobro--it was instantly one of my favorite discs, and there's some unbelievably cool dobro playing on there. it's a great band, with awesome original material, and they're also about the nicest folks you could ever meet. bill's 'organically grown' cd has some wild stuff and is another must-have dobro cd in my opinion. needless to say, we have what's possibly the dobro-geekiest house going these days.

Orville Johnson's "slide and joy" just about made my crap my pants in resophonic glee. I'm currently spacing out the name of his latest disc, which is also mighty fine!

Randy Korhs' newest disc has more dobro than his others and is packed with really cool bluegrass and country--i also really recommend his previous disc "now it's empty," which has some mighty fine old-school country but not as much dobro as we'd all like.

I second what dobrodoug said about Andy Hall's CD 'redwing'--he's one of the best dobro players going these days. His website didn't take credit cards or paypal last I checked, but you can get it at cdbaby.com if you're paypal inclined like i am.

looking forward to hearing lou wamp's new disc--it's a long time coming from a great player. lou's a lefty, by the way, but plays a right-handed dobro. i think that's what gives him so much bar dexterity--he pulls off some crazy stuff when he wants to.

And if you haven't yet, get any of the last 3 or 4 CDs by Fragment with Henrich Novak on reso--he's smokin', as is the whole band (which is from slovakia and czech republic).

that's all i can think of for now.....



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