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Scheerhorn #123 - R body maple SOLD LOCALLY StevenM6080992
Dunlop 920 Stainless Steel Tone Bar Guitar MD64
Lap King Rodeo w/ Stage Hand Attachment Brent Libhart138
More Accessories Brent Libhart1289
F/S Dusenberg Pomona 6 - Like Brand New Dave Plewa215
Bear Creek MK - reduced price apbal926
Custom Miller Slide Brent Libhart115
Price StreamLine Fiberglass Reso Case - FINAL PRICE DROP Brent Libhart1893
Gator GR-4L 4 Space rack case. & Power conditioner Dave Plewa168
Alesis HD 24 Hard Disk Recorder & Accessories - SOLD - Dave Plewa473
Bobby Poff straps Bobby Branton1098
2015 National Scheerhorn- rbcole3801463
Richenbacher B-6 Panda Lap Steel w/ tweed case - $950 - SOLD melman385
Blue Heron Soft Reso Case - SOLD! Brent Libhart1259
For Sale - Rode K2 Microphone - Reduced Includes Shipping Dave Plewa420
Black Poff Strap, A few bars, and a Bradley capo for sale scott.camara416
FS Shure KSM 32 Mic >>SOLD>> Dave Plewa414
* New Price * Meredith Reso: Cocobolo & Cedar cjoslin1442
AKG C-1000 S Mic w/ shipping SOLD Dave Plewa566
Dobro Rental??? DobroIslander448
Instructional DVD's For Sale Dave Plewa482
Capo's, Capo's Capo's " All are sold" Cal54503
Bob Wolfe Mahogany Ported - Mint Brad Harper746
Bobby Poff Strap Black SOLD Heff774
Brad Harper Koa F reso guitar s/n # 015, Scheerhorn Cone, $3,900 soarbc1072
Beard R body with Fishman pickup AND Aura box SOLD vetteman2380
Appalachian Cherry Reso ( Sold ) Cal542048
Harlows and Weissies - badger1162
2010 Meredith Dobro SOLD. tompkins1517
Instructional DVD's and books ALL SOLD SB628
Adams 7 string with Hipshot trilogy , George L pickup, and Marrs Fluger resosimulator Lakeview2325
Recording King Squareneck Reso - SOLD Brent Libhart976
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Tut Taylor Virginian with Fishman Pickup istanford912
McKenna 8 String Wood Body Tricone Bobby Branton741
WTB: Travelite Dobro Case Steve Schaaf572
Appalachian Acoustic Slide Guitar #3 - Mahogany/Spruce - SOLD! Brent Libhart1328
2 Bradley Capo's - SOLD George Laker708
Chord Construction Book/Booklet Andy Volk676
wanted Reggie Clement648
Meredith rosewood/spruce - $2,500 - price reduction - SOLD - melman1831
Les Haynes Resonator Guitar Price Reduction resosaurus1335
New book of 18 arrangements for Dobro & Weissenborn Andy Volk675
Beard R Model biolprof2611
National Model D Squareneck wyliekyotie1244
Flux Capo Bobby Branton1056
Wolfe Resonator Guitar - Traded melman1534
Beard R Model Mahogany BarSinister2074
Lebeda Squareneck Resonator....SOLD..... resosaurus1050
SOLD - Deluxe Calton Case - fits Scheerhorn L body skywaterbanjo943

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